"Republic credit ingots were a form of Galactic Republic currency, similar to the standard credit chip.

The credit ingot appeared as small, flat, rectangular bars of gold and silver-coloured metal. Each ingot was between two and three inches in length; the silver ones being a bit longer than the gold ones. The ingots had symbols stamped onto its surface, including the symbol of the Galactic Credit Standard."

This is my first 3D design project, working on building up some core skills. I decided on something simple which would still give me a nice 1:1 replica when I was done, so I chose the Republic Credit Ingots as seen in Star Wars The Clone Wars animated TV show.


My starting point, as with any project, was to compile all the reference I could get my hands on. This involved pulling screenshots from certain episodes featuring the ingots (all rights to these images belong to Disney, which I hope they will allow me to use). From this I worked up some models in 123D Design, a great piece of freeware which you should get if you are interested in learning 3D like me.

This was the result which I am pretty pleased with. I took a bit of creative license with the chamfering because it was fun and looked cool.

These were then uploaded to Shapeways, which is great by the way as it will tell you if your model is ok and where if it needs fixing for the material you want. They offer so many materials, but I went for a polished plastic for the quality and price. A cast metal would be so cool, but was a little expensive for now. In any case I intend to mould and cold cast these as my first moulding project.

Now just to wait until the prints arrive and see how they turned out.

The prints arrived from Shapeways and I am pretty impressed with how they came out. The symbol details are pretty small and they are very clear. The finish is as expected but a little rough. Being nylon it won't sand very well so I went ahead and just cast them as is.

I cast them using a clear silicone. There were a lot of bubbles in it as I do not have a degassing chamber but this was fine, it didn't affect the moulds.

I cold cast some of the smaller ones using brass powder and a clear resin. These were ok but it didn't take down in the details, so the symbols had bubble marks. Also it turns out the resin I bought has quite a low melting temperature at about 40-50 degrees Celsius, so if you hold one too long it heats up and becomes malleable (not good)

For now I just decided to paint the original prints using Goldfinger which is a similar product to Rub n Buff. They are metallic waxes and have a great metallic look when applied and buffed. The nylon takes the wax ok, but seems to wear off of the corners so it will need a clear coat to finish it.

For now I am calling this one done, but may revisit it in the future to make more or hone the casting of them.

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